French, Italian & Spanish Provincial Cooking.

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573 N Highland Avenue NE
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The restaurant has been cleaned and polished but is not ready to open.

I have truly enjoyed the break.

I have not finished all my projects that I said I would do if I had some time off.   I didn’t realize that the dishes have to be done ALL THE TIME, that my house keeps getting dirty, that the lawn keeps growing.

I found a million other projects to do first.

My family is healthy but compromised.
I am healthy. My husband, who had multiple heart surgeries in March is recovering, but not up to pulling his weight around the house…..not really pulling any weight unless I nag him.  My mom celebrated her 91st birthday in a retirement community in Buckhead, alone, bored.  My daughter is fine, working in the ER at Athen’s Regional Hospital. (non-covid).   She is starting Medical School at Trinity on St Vincent in September.

I want to reopen Babette’s Cafe.
I ran some very conservative sales figures for the rest of this year and I could easily lose $75,000.00.  Which is really great in the scheme of things.

I want to retire.
Ummm, see above – med school.  I could pull social security starting next month.  The building would never sell as a restaurant because people will be giving them away for free come this fall.  I think the developers are slowing down and I would not get a good price for the land right now.  Plus there is this little thing called Capital Gains that will kick me in the arse.

There are a lot of post surgery doctor’s visits.

I did not quit smoking.

I have gained weight but am doing better now, mainly because I got tired of doing the dishes.

My garden is fantastic.

I am not walking my dogs long enough because I seem to have to hurry back to do something urgent each day.???

I have had some painting done at my house.  Not because I can afford it, but because I can’t stand looking at how dirty it is/was.

I am only binge watching TV in the AM = 2 cups of coffee.

I did not received any help from government loans…..But that’s in my next post.

I miss my staff.

I miss my customers.

I miss the buzz of the restaurant.  Will we get our buzz back?


Babette’s is temporarily closed.

While the news from the Governor is that restaurants can open next week, we will not reopen until a later date. I would like to see how things are going before we do. With social distancing, there will have to be a little bit of a new structure. I also don’t want to reopen and then have to close again. As one of my brilliant cousins at FEMA posted: Don’t take off the parachute just because you are slowing down. Will keep you posted!  Marla

Babette’s Cafe

Life imitates art at Chef Marla Adams’ Atlanta French Restaurant. For more than 27 years, Marla has brought the story of food, grace and community to vivid and delicious life.
Babette’s Cafe combines French, Italian, and Spanish provincial cooking with a rustic, European setting. We off fine dining in a casual setting. Come in you jeans and enjoy seasonally, a beautiful Bouillabaise, House Made Agnolotti Pasta, Veal Piccata, Piroski of Pork and Veal and in the summer, a fragrant Paella.

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573 North Highland Avenue NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

Wednesday – Saturday: 5:30 PM – until
Sunday: 5:00 PM – until
Monday / Tuesday:Closed

Call Us: 404-523-9121

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