A Monday: My “day off”

July 17, 2007

We’re closed for business.

Came in to strip the office and back hallway linoleum tile floors and put down new finish. Tried to get some guys from the kitchen to help, but I couldn’t get our schedules coordinated. This wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, but get me around some TSP cleaner and I go nuts. I scrubbed the floors with a brush and then hit the stairs by hand. I got a little carried away- 4 hours.

I found a problem under a freezer in the hallway. It had been leaking water and all the tiles were loose. I just so happened to have some tiles in the basement, the glue, but the trowel was at home as well as the planer which I needed because the tiles were not sitting flush and were cracking. Put some finish on the newly stripped floor that wasn’t under the freezer and ran home for the trowel. Upon returning, I found more tiles loose, more planing and patching to be done.

Now I’m pissed. I plane, sand, wood putty, apply glue, press down tiles while covering myself in dust, glue, putty and whatever. I even had to pull out my heat gun; yes I have a heat gun, to remove tiles that were cracked and only partially loose. Ok. It’s all down. I’m a candidate for Holmes on Homes, the TV show where a contractor (Holmes) comes in and shows all the shoddy work that had been done before. It didn’t look sloppy, but underneath was questionable.

Now I have to finish the 2 coats of sealer and 4 coats of finish that need to go down. Drying time is 1 hour + on each coat. You can do the math. During one of the drying times, I go to Lowes to look at a new freezer. I had calls into my commercial equipment people at the same time but they were out. Part of me, (the cheap part) didn’t want to spend $1400.00 on a commercial freezer, when this one had been working fine, but leaking.

The lavatory I ordered from Ferguson’s arrived UPS. On my way to Lowe’s I see my plumber driving by, so I remember to call him. Yes, my plumber’s number is in my sparse cell phone list. He’s on his way out of town for a few days and will replace on Friday.

I was very excited to find a Frigidaire Commercial Freezer at Lowe’s. This is perfect. It’s high off the ground, which is needed for cleaning and has a higher quality evaporation system. Ordered freezer for delivery on Tuesday.

Back for another coat of finish. Go home, take a shower. Back for another coat. Go to grocery store. Back for another coat. Home with groceries and Popeye’s for dinner. Back for the final coat of finish, this time with my daughter. Afterwards we head to a friend’s pool for a quick swim. I drink vodka.

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