A Thursday

July 13, 2007

Dropped my daughter off at camp on the way into work at 9:30 am.  Brought the sink I had purchased on Sunday to see if it fit in the men’s room to replace the one broken over the weekend.  Of course not.  Got down on my hands and knees to try to find the manufacturer and did.  Went on-line and found Eljer’s website.  Matched my model and called to see if I could order directly from them.  Of course not, but customer service was excellent. Gave me a supplier here in Atlanta-Ferguson’s Plumbing.  Was told place a LTL order.  “Less than Truckload” which is used for special orders.  I’m always learning something new.  Order went through without a hitch and sink(lavatory) will be here on Tuesday.

Made a pot of coffee.  Filled out prep list and organized cooler while pot was brewing.

Linen Delivery Came.

Placed an order for glassware to arrive tomorrow.

Got online to check email.  I find that once online, I can spend an easy hour or more updating information so I have to be careful.  Updated website with new wine tasting information for September.  Had my webmaster update a review item.  Posted the September wine tasting info on LocalWineEvents.com, a great free listing that goes out Nationally.  Tried to update my Citysearch listings but could not get through.

Called Heating and Air guy to come replace filters on our rooftop ac unit for the kitchen.  Two months behind schedule.

Went upstairs to start cooking.

Fresh Tomato Sauce

Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup

Date Pastries

Pate a Choux

Pastry cream

Crème Anglaise

Banana Ice Cream


Grilled Asparagus Tarts

Cleaned and Pounded Chicken

Gaufrette Potato Chips

Simple Syrup for the Bar

My backup came in at 1:00 pm.  He’s my tournant which means he rotates stations throughout the kitchen.  He’s been with me 6 ½ years and I love him to death.  He’s working Saute tonight, but comes in early and cuts fish/ meats and does hundreds of other prep items so I can run around and order bathroom sinks(lavatories)

Checked in liquor throughout the day. Short one case of wine.  Reordered for Friday. Back door is not closing properly.  Called a repair company but they can’t come until Tuesday.  Back upstairs to continue cooking, meanwhile mulling over broken door and problem we’re having with salad refrigerator leaking coolant.

Got a call from our Chicken purveyor.  Our case of chicken was stolen off their truck during another delivery and since my item is a special order, can’t send until tomorrow.  What ya gonna do?  86 Chicken.

Back to look at door again.  I think it’s the panic bar that’s not closing properly.  Went online to find company called Grainger which sells all kinds of stuff.  They have what I need and since they’re right downtown, placed an order and will pick up in the morning and will install it.  If that solves the problem, I will cancel service call scheduled on Tuesday.

Received meat order and the veal top round was terrible.  Sent back and reordered from another company.  Had to coordinate with my my sous chef over the phone(his day off,) about orders coming in on Friday so I could make a minimum order to get the veal in.  He had ordered our puff pastry from a different company and though the description of the product is the same, the quality is crummy, to we had to shift that order as well.

Problem with my salad guy.  He didn’t know how to make shortbread cookie dough.  I told him I would help him, but he had another employee do it for him.  I suggested that he pay the other person to make the cookie dough.  Needless to say, he stopped what he was doing and came over and finished the dough.

Called cooler repair man and suggested he had not looked at all the possibilities with the cooler he serviced on Tuesday.  He didn’t agree.  He’s been doing my coolers for years and is so excellent, I’ll have to give him this one.  Have to replace the cooler by the end of the year.

Scrubbed shelf under prep table.

Tried to fix mop sink.  Drain is loose.  Need to come in on Monday when we’re closed and  caulk with silicone and reset with shorter screws.  The long screw are keeping the rim from setting where it’s supposed to.

Booked a baby Shower for August.

Booked a Pharmecutical Company Dinner for August.

Confirmed order for Reservation Magnets that I give out to customers.

5:30  PM. Ready to open.  I worked expo during service. This is the person who puts the plates together for an order, making sure the meats are cooked properly and arranged properly, garnishes the food and trays up for the waiters.  Easy when slow,  very very hard when busy.

9:00 Placed fish and produce orders for Friday.  Thanked my kitchen staff and went home.

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