Am I confusing you?

August 22, 2012

Standing in the wait station having coffee at 3:00 pm on Friday:

Me:  So pancakes on Sunday… We have espresso butter, a little bit of hazelnuts.  Didn’t know we would have so many figs come in.  Produce company changed the pack size.  I got d’anjou pears in to replace the figs, but now they will go bad before the figs run out, so we should use them on the pancakes?  The beets were very bitter this last time.  Who did we get them from?   Are we going to continue the beet dish, do you think we can get better beets or is the season ending?  I haven’t seen them on the local produce lists.  Are we going to even need more d’anjou pears?

Sous:  I thought we were talking about the pancakes…

Me:  Well, we were.

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