Another Monday

July 17, 2007

My daughter, a friend of hers and I drive up to Lake Hartwell.  We have some wonderful friends who let us visit.  The lake water is beautiful, warm and quiet during the week.  Friends come over, I drink vodka and play scrabble.

The next day we take their pontoon boat out and go to an island with a lovely sand beach.  My husband has come up for the day.  Now I’m feeling a bit cocky and decide to swim across to a point, about 600 yards.  Even though I have taken a swim noodle with me in case I get tired, and the people with us include two firemen and one police officer, my husband is planning my funeral and all the changes he is going to make to the restaurant when he becomes the owner.  It takes me 40 minutes.  It feels great.

A much better Monday.

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