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How to Throw a Dinner Party

I have a wonderful neighbor who needed some help.  She purchased everything for a dinner party through our “Pantry”.  When she came to our home to borrow some soup bowls, she was nervous. I sent some instructions home with her.  She said the evening was magical! Bread Service: Sprinkle a litte water on the top […]

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The Close of Sunday Brunch

It is with great trepidation and the utmost respect for all of you who been my champions over the years, that I announce I am bringing our Sunday Brunch to a close.  Our last brunch will be October 26, 2014. It is also with a little glee. I’m looking forward to CBS Sunday Morning in […]

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Embrace your inner valet.

Some people love valet parking…..Drive up, toss your keys to the guy in the logo shirt and go on in.  They are right. Some people hate valet parking.  They think it is an extra expense, an invasion of the privacy of their space, takes too long, they are better at parking their own car, they […]

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Shopping for Chairs

My friend Julia, is always nagging me to blog more.  It’s hard to find the time and mental space.  I showed her the new chairs I purchased for the deck at Babette’s.  “Well, you should blog about that!”  OK, I bought new chairs.  It’s a little more complicated than that. It took me five months. […]

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21 Years at Babette’s Cafe (Best French Restaurant in Atlanta)

On October 13, 1992, I opened Babette’s Café.  Makes you feel kind of old doesn’t it?Many of you have been with me since the beginning. Some of you were in grade school. I’ve married, raised a daughter and sent her off to college. I’ve been sued, robbed, burglarized. I’ve worked through broken bones and back […]

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Mid July

Getting ready for the Gift Mart this weekend. Training a new busser/hostess. Setting an interview with a second hostess. Searching out new chairs for the deck. Ordered a new Sonic Wall Router which I will have to figure out how to install.  $1050.00, just because the other one was too old to be “supported”. Balancing […]

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The price of China

I bought new appetizer plates this week.  Actually, the color was a little off and I wanted to send them back.  Was told I would still have to pay the original shipping charge of $30.00, the return shipping charge of $30.00 more dollars and a restocking fee of $25.00.  Damn, they only cost $120.00 in […]

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This week’s to do list

I haven’t had time to blog….this is why. My current to do list for this week New Door Handle for walk-in cooler Reorder outside lights Call landscape guy to clean up beds Spray for Mosquitos Order from Atlanta Fixture:  Ramekins, (2) 1/2 plastic hotel pans 6 inch deep, (2) slim jims, high heat rubber spatula, […]

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Buying New Equipment!

I got to buy a new convection oven last month. It’s very exciting. When the one you bought 20 years ago dies with a dramatic clunk on Sunday evening, and it is one of your most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen, you have no choice but to spend the money. I had just […]

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Friday at 4:45pm

Why oh why does the heating and air conditioning system always go out on Friday afternoon at 4:45? Reservation sheet is full, service people on overtime and only if you can get them. Chilliest day of the year. I’m pulling my hair out.

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