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Am I confusing you?

Standing in the wait station having coffee at 3:00 pm on Friday: Me:  So pancakes on Sunday… We have espresso butter, a little bit of hazelnuts.  Didn’t know we would have so many figs come in.  Produce company changed the pack size.  I got d’anjou pears in to replace the figs, but now they will go […]

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Saying Goodbye.

Julian and Jim moved to Maine last Wednesday.  I thought of them during the closing for the sale of their house here in Atlanta on Tuesday.  I thought of them during their 1200 mile drive with two cats that hate to travel.  I thought of them arriving Friday in Maine to their home which is now […]

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Day Off…

Pasta man, Mark, called my cell phone to leave a message about my order. I happened to be up reading and grabbed it in a panic. It was 4:53 am. I had no idea his day started at 3:30 am. Dropped husband off at airport and slid by the state Farmer’s Market for an unannounced […]

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Called my heating and air guy about reconfiguring the thermostats on the new heaters on back porch.  Did this while still in my pajamas at home, watching last week’s TV shows on On Demand. (The greatest invention, besides the I Phone) Stopped at Farmer’s Marker because Arborio Rice did not make the delivery truck. Home […]

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A small fire broke out in the kitchen when my sous chefs and I were working on a new menu earlier this week. The stove top was full with French Onion Soup, Basque Sauce and Beef Bourguignon. I didn’t want to spray the line with the fire extinguisher, what with the food cost and all. […]

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Father’s Day

In the last 3 or 4 years, Father’s Day has become as big as Mother’s Day, usually with a more adult crowd.  Yes, we have some well behaved little ones, but mostly grown children taking their dad out.  I guess they just can’t find anymore ties that he doesn’t already have. My crew started at […]

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Staff Vacations

Covered for my Sous Chef last week, covering for my manager this week.  Liquor orders, prep lists, recipe tweaking, costing updates. Waiting patiently for a new version of my recipe costing software to be sent to me.  My old version was so old, the data had to be converted and loaded on the new disk and mailed […]

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Dancing with my Sous….

Ah Mel.  A couple days a week I find myself working with my AM Sous Chef getting ready for dinner service.  Mel comes in between 9 and 10 am each day and at 7 am on Sunday mornings.  He’s in charge of production levels, soups, sauces, desserts, meat cutting and many other things.  He has […]

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How to apply for a restaurant job.

We just did some hiring and I am surprised by the quality of some of the resumes and applicants. Here’s my advice on How to apply for a restaurant job: 1.  Please update your resume.  It doesn’t take but a minute. 2.  I would encourage restaurant employees to stick out their current job and all […]

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Snow Days.

I know I have blogged about this before, but it’s a big deal.  I am currently sitting on the porch of a beach house in Florida, watching the waves.  I am in a sweatshirt.  Back home in Atlanta snow and sleet is falling.  We need to close the restaurant tonight because of weather.  I am […]

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