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“Seating waiters.”

Seating waiters. This is an expression used when quests are seated at a table in a waiter’s station.  A server is sometimes “double seated”,(two tables are seated within a few minutes) and then there is the dreaded “triple seated” event.  This is when the waiter’s eyes start to roll back in their head and they give […]

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A good friend told me he thought my blog was courageous.  I didn’t know what he was talking about. Most customers have told me they love reading my blog.  Great. Recently a customer commented that they thought it was not appropriate.  Not great. So I’m a more than a little nervous now about what I write.  […]

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Slow night?…..not for me.

February 19, 2009 We had a record Valentine’s Day.  The weather was nice and I was able to open up the back deck.  Sunday brunch was packed and Sunday night saw a steady stream at the door.  It was wonderful, but I was so tired I couldn’t speak.  I kept finishing the food with the […]

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Payback is a b……

My husband started a company a year and a half ago with a partner.  I have sworn up and down since then that I will have nothing to do with their book keeping.  I have stood my ground all this time in a show of disdain for their disregard for what my accountant calls “usual […]

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Bad Juju?

This is getting ridiculous.  The Air Conditioning guy caught the filters and ductwork in the kitchen on FIRE when putting in the new compressor.  Sous chef pulled the alarm and went outside.  The ac guy was able to put the flames out and repair the melted thermostat wires.  The fire department checked and everything was […]

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Repairs, repairs, repairs

OK, the espresso machine has been serviced, the bathroom lavatory sink replaced, the stand-up freezer replaced, the heating coil on the ice cream freezer replaced, now it’s time for the ac unit in the kitchen.  The compressor I replaced two years ago is shot and is being replaced tomorrow morning.  Seems the compressor was not […]

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New Menus

It’s a ton of work.  It begins with phone calls to purveyors to find what product is available and from where.  I have to discuss specs and try samples.  I have to get firm commitments from local farmers as to when their produce will be ready to pick   Due to many new and necessary fishing […]

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Friday Update

The plumber never came last week.  He forgot about the sink.  Came this Thursday, installed sink.  The sink is defective, leaking around the drain stem, right through the porcelain.  Have to order another sink, and try to get the sink’s manufacturer to reimburse me for the extra plumbing charge.  Pending.   The panic bar I […]

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A Monday: My “day off”

We’re closed for business. Came in to strip the office and back hallway linoleum tile floors and put down new finish. Tried to get some guys from the kitchen to help, but I couldn’t get our schedules coordinated. This wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, but get me around some TSP cleaner and I go nuts. I […]

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A Thursday

Dropped my daughter off at camp on the way into work at 9:30 am.  Brought the sink I had purchased on Sunday to see if it fit in the men’s room to replace the one broken over the weekend.  Of course not.  Got down on my hands and knees to try to find the manufacturer […]

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