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Valentine’s Day 2021

We will be offering a series of Specials in addition to our regular menu beginning on Friday, February 12 through Sunday February 14. Oysters Rockefeller $12. Short Rib Ravioli with a warm Lobster Salad madeira sauce, butter fondue $40. Romaine and Arugula Salad lemon thyme dressing $9. Chocolate Truffles with Raspberries, creme anglaise $12 All […]

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Let’s Start with Vegetables

Having returned to the kitchen after a spell, I have found that vegetables are one item that young cooks often don’t deem worthy of their time and effort.  This is a big mistake.  I worked at a French restaurant in my youth and had to prepare the six different vegetables that accompany a Rack of […]

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Spring Menus

My favorite menu of the year is spring. Navarin of Lamb is coming back (Spring Lamb Stew with Vegetables). But some of the other items Chef Justin and I are looking at: English Peas, Asparagus, Morels, Roasted Chicken, White Bean Soup with Pancetta, Tempura Baby Heirloom Carrots, Artichokes (best in May when the California crop comes […]

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Chalk Hill Vineyards

I had the pleasure of staying at the Chalk Hill Vineyard in Sonoma in Septmeber for a couple of nights. It was as beautiful as any place I have ever been. Went for an hour long jog, (ok plenty of walking) at sunset on a warm breezy evening. Each hillside offered another panoramic masterpiece. One […]

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A good Georgia Peach is hard to find…even in Georgia.

I have some beautiful peaches right now at Babette’s.  Running a dessert: Cobbled Peaches with Our Own Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.  Several of my customers have asked how to find a good peach.  They are finding mealy, mushy peaches in the grocery stores.  I often have the same problem. The peaches that are shipped to […]

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Really Cooking

May 12, 2008 Last week I had one of my occasional episodes where I find myself watching my hands work.  They are getting a little wrinkled, have some burns, and have very tough callouses.  They are exceptionally strong.  They don’t twist and turn like they used to though.  I’m having problems getting things opened especially […]

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