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Today marks 24 years.

Babette’s Cafe opened 24 years ago tonight.  Seems like yesterday…. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, some of you since the beginning.  No, we’re NOT closing.  Babette’s continues to bring me joy, pride and challenges.  But I am trying to step back a little bit and I’m finding it harder than […]

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Hire a Lighting Designer.

I didn’t do this until several years after I opened the new location. Thought I couldn’t afford it. Thought the architect would take care of it. I was $30,000.00 over budget with change orders and we were three months behind with a contractor who was not paying his subs. Maybe I couldn’t have spared the money and the […]

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Buy a Manitowoc Ice Machine….

Clean it and hug it every day. Get in touch with their authorized service rep.  He will keep it running for years. I bought mine in 1996. My service man keeps suggesting I may need a new one soon and then he fixes it for less than $200.00. I really do hug it and pat […]

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You Have to Know What Clean Really Is….

I scrub the faucet handles on the hand sink in the kitchen. There are instructions on the food handling tests that the Chef, Sous and Manager have to take in Georgia that tell us all how to wash our hands. It instructs for how long and for us to let the water run while grabbing a paper […]

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