“The Little Engine that Could”

August 26, 2020

It has been wonderful to reconnect with our guests that have come in for dinner and with those who are ordering Pick-Up.  We are in the black with your continued support.  This might be the new normal and we are going to be the new OK.

We are tweaking the menu, offering some lighter dishes and there will be some seasonal changes coming up next month.

Here is how you can help…

Keep up with Menu Changes, Weekly Specials and New Information through social media!

  1.  If you are my age, please follow us on Facebook.

2.  If you are of the next generation or two, follow us on Instagram

3.  Please come dine with us early in the evening.  I know everyone wants to eat at 7:00 pm and later, those spots sell out quickly.  Please see if something is available earlier that evening.

The hardest part has be sourcing all the new cleaners, to go containers, paper products and to figure out how much we need of each.  It is like a giant new menu change.
We have minimum deliveries from our suppliers before they will send out a truck.
We store the supplies downstairs when they are delivered, bring them up to the wait station for handy access and then stock the kitchen with the minimum because there is so little space.
Who is going to order the items and how often will we inventory them?
Are we bringing up the right tops and bottoms for the soup cups?
Do we like the new hand towels in the restroom?
Why do we keep running out of the tops before the bottoms?
The new plastic clam shells we ordered for side dishes are too big and don’t fit in the bags correctly.

And then there is the point of sales computers, on line ordering, paperless payment machines:
Why were the mobile payment machines double charging so many American Express Customers in July?  (This has been remedied!)
How do we effectively send the orders to the kitchen with the different pick up times?
How do we reconcile all the payment methods now?
Stripe and Paypal (online ordering) take the fees out before sending to the bank.
Amex/MC/Visa/Discover take the fees out at the beginning of the next month.
When Marla has a new tweak,  we update the menus that are published throughout the internet.  Then, with a different program, we must update the online ordering forms.

This business has never been boring….It is starting to be fun again.

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