Day Off…

February 8, 2012

Pasta man, Mark, called my cell phone to leave a message about my order. I happened to be up reading and grabbed it in a panic. It was 4:53 am. I had no idea his day started at 3:30 am.
Dropped husband off at airport and slid by the state Farmer’s Market for an unannounced visit to my produce company. Chris took me on a tour of the entire market where I found myself shivering through many coolers looking at everything from grass fed beef to organic white asparagus. Seems my guys can get a whole lot more shopping done for me than I knew.
Final stop was an importer located another five miles away who could provide me with the ever elusive Marzano tomatoes, elusive to Atlanta that is. We filled up my trunk with tomatoes, cheese packed in ice, bucatini pasta, which I can’t find anywhere else and samples of butter and chocolate.
Now for a nice glass of wine.

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