Father’s Day

June 21, 2011

In the last 3 or 4 years, Father’s Day has become as big as Mother’s Day, usually with a more adult crowd.  Yes, we have some well behaved little ones, but mostly grown children taking their dad out.  I guess they just can’t find anymore ties that he doesn’t already have.

My crew started at 6:00 with my am sous coming in for prep and brunch set up.  Then the grill girl at 8:00.  Me at 8:30 to make muffins and scones and then help everyone else.  Bartender in at 9:00 (half hour early) to set up the bar, make juices and bloody mary mix, punch mix.  Manager in at 9:00(half hour early) to answer the phones, set the floor plan, organizing turns for large parties.  Dishwasher in at 9:00 to clean bathrooms and behind the bar, start on pots and pans.  Salad guy in at 9:00 to set up his station.  Early servers in at 9:30 to set up coffee, butters, teas, lemons, sweep and set up back deck.  Valets in at 10:00am to set up signs, park the cars of the early guests.  Late waiters in at 10:15 to check their stations and help finish opening duties.  Busser in at 10:15 to polish silver, fold 300 napkins, set up his work space.

And we’re off!

Chef de Cuisine comes in at noon to take over expediting, so I can float.  He stays until dinner closes.

We do it all again for dinner service beginning at 3:00pm.

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