October 1, 2011

A small fire broke out in the kitchen when my sous chefs and I were working on a new menu earlier this week. The stove top was full with French Onion Soup, Basque Sauce and Beef Bourguignon. I didn’t want to spray the line with the fire extinguisher, what with the food cost and all.

Baking powder worked somewhat, but the fire was caught up behind the nozzles on the front of the stove, not on our normal cleaning routine. Shut the gas off behind the stove. Removed the drip pan which was spewing fire 2 feet high. Smothered it a sheet pan.

All was out. We pulled everything apart on the stove, cleaned it, turned the gas back on and we were back to cooking. Slight burn to my right hand, but the Beef Bourguignon was better than ever.

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