Friday Update

July 28, 2007

The plumber never came last week.  He forgot about the sink.  Came this Thursday, installed sink.  The sink is defective, leaking around the drain stem, right through the porcelain.  Have to order another sink, and try to get the sink’s manufacturer to reimburse me for the extra plumbing charge.  Pending.


The panic bar I purchased two weeks ago wasn’t the problem, it’s the electronic lock.  Had the panic bar returned (I never installed it) and am waiting for the electronic lock to really break before I go back to that problem.


Freezer Lowe’s delivered was not the “commercial” one I saw in the store.  Because I had just unloaded the old leaking freezer, I was pissed.  While the delivery men were pacing back and forth, I got on the phone with Lowe’s and on Frigidaire’s website at the same time.  It seems they don’t make that commercial freezer anymore and that the one being delivered was newer.  The man from Lowe’s suggested I try the new freezer and if it didn’t work, I could switch it out with the floor model that I saw in the store.  Whatever.  I kept it.  Do I really want to take a freezer that the company is no longer making?


The new freezer leaks like crazy.  When I say leaks, it’s the normal water that is produced from the defrosting process.  Usually the water is heated and evaporates off, but if the freezer is overworked, the extra water will flush out into a little pan and then evaporated.  If there’s a lot of water, it pours over onto the floor, loosening the tiles.


I purchased a commercial freezer from my fixtures company and it was delivered Wednesday.  Now in all of this, new freezers take about 16 hours to come to temperature.  So I have lost a ton of product and crammed my one ice cream freezer with all that I can.  We are serving Store bought ice cream instead of our own.  Yes, we’re telling the customers.


We finally get the real freezer up and running, it’s chilling to minus 10 degrees.  It’s wonderful.   Our small ice cream freezer goes out.  Refrigerator man, whom I love, comes and orders a part.  I pay overnight freight.  He comes two days later to replace the part, but has been sent the wrong one.  Another part is shipped overnight and is replaced.  I don’t pay any of the shipping.  Both freezers are working.


Took me 8 days and 12 phone calls to get the freezer from Lowe’s picked up.  I finally had to call the corporate office to lodge a formal complaint.  Freezer was picked up next day.


Now in the meantime, I have started a new summer menu.

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