it’s all in the details….

October 10, 2016

  • When do you add the garlic to the dish?
  • How you sort the heirloom baby carrots by size so they cook evenly and can be used best on each dish?
  • Which light bulb goes over the tables (50 watt, 12 degree spot) and which shines on the artwork on the walls (35 watt, 20 degree spot)?
  • Do the plants need to be cut back, deadheaded or watered or fertilized?
  • Is the second handle for the espresso machine cleaned and left on the top of the machine to stay hot for the next order?
  • Are the filters changed in the AC units?
  • Is the online menu up to date?
  • Are the walkin coolers clean and organized?
  • Are the fish bins clean with fresh ice?
  • Are the togo container’s stocked?
  • Are the oysters getting breaded carefully?
  • Is everything clean, clean and cleaner?
  • Are all the light bulbs working?

You have 30 minutes……

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