Light bulbs, and don’t even mention Christmas Lights.

December 4, 2012

Last weekend I realized that we had 3 different light bulbs in the lanterns on the back porch.  When I went to dim them for service, it looked like a laser show.  Light was blasting into one guest’s eyes and the others couldn’t see.  When “they” started adding different clarity of lights to the florescent selection at the store, I nearly slit my wrists.  I kept exchanging the bulbs because they didn’t blend with one another.

I now purchase from a lighting company.  And one lighting company at that, as the same bulbs from different manufacturers screw up the lighting as well. It’s so complicated at the restaurant that I have created a purchase order sheet.  This sheet is laminated and placed in the box of lightbulbs in storage.

Bar and Restrooms: 45 W R20FL45 FL 3000 hrs

Dining room tracks highlighting walls:  35 W MR-16 FRA/L/SC/NFL 20 degree spot or narrow flood

Track Lights over tables:  50 W MR-16 EXT 12 V GU5.3 LEN CC 15 DEGREE SPOT

Handicap Ramp:  13 watt compact florescent med base

Porch Lanterns:  60 watt light bulbs  REVEAL  Day light only.

Safety Lantern on Porch:  25 watt bulb

Over Stove and In walkins:  100 watt bulbs or equivalent compact florescent

Foot of Outside Stairs and Park Side Lamp:  100 watt jc100 Bi Pin

Front Sign and Side Lettering:  150 watt dbl ended T3 78mm

Wine Cage:  8 foot florescent- daylight

Chandeliers:  40 watt clear chandelier, small base

Lamp on Bar:  25 watt decorative, small base

lanterns on 3 posts out front:  13 watt compact florescent, med base

Office lamp:  60 watt lightbulb

Basement walls, back stairs, kitchen and office:  48 inch florescent, daylight


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