Mid July

July 11, 2013

  • Getting ready for the Gift Mart this weekend.
  • Training a new busser/hostess.
  • Setting an interview with a second hostess.
  • Searching out new chairs for the deck.
  • Ordered a new Sonic Wall Router which I will have to figure out how to install.  $1050.00, just because the other one was too old to be “supported”.
  • Balancing a new food cost spread sheet.
  • Finding a new hand soap.  Company is watering down the old product.  Drips out of the dispensers onto the floor.
  • Tweaking website
  • Re-review in the Atlanta Journal Constitution coming out Friday. Nervous.
  • Counting glassware and planning orders for next week’s sold out Low Country Feast.
  • Looking at calender to plan August and September events.
  • Planning trip to Athens, Georgia for my daughter’s college orientation next week.
  • Foraging almost everyday for fresh chanterelles that are growing all over Atlanta this year.  Dog loves this project.
  • Need the rain to stop long enough to paint the new handrail on the handicap ramp. Damaged by contractors who installed the new gutters.
  • Replacing CD/DVD rom in computer at home.  Waiting on order from Amazon.


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