The restaurant has been cleaned and polished but is not ready to open.

I have truly enjoyed the break.

I have not finished all my projects that I said I would do if I had some time off.   I didn’t realize that the dishes have to be done ALL THE TIME, that my house keeps getting dirty, that the lawn keeps growing.

I found a million other projects to do first.

My family is healthy but compromised.
I am healthy. My husband, who had multiple heart surgeries in March is recovering, but not up to pulling his weight around the house…..not really pulling any weight unless I nag him.  My mom celebrated her 91st birthday in a retirement community in Buckhead, alone, bored.  My daughter is fine, working in the ER at Athen’s Regional Hospital. (non-covid).   She is starting Medical School at Trinity on St Vincent in September.

I want to reopen Babette’s Cafe.
I ran some very conservative sales figures for the rest of this year and I could easily lose $75,000.00.  Which is really great in the scheme of things.

I want to retire.
Ummm, see above – med school.  I could pull social security starting next month.  The building would never sell as a restaurant because people will be giving them away for free come this fall.  I think the developers are slowing down and I would not get a good price for the land right now.  Plus there is this little thing called Capital Gains that will kick me in the arse.

There are a lot of post surgery doctor’s visits.

I did not quit smoking.

I have gained weight but am doing better now, mainly because I got tired of doing the dishes.

My garden is fantastic.

I am not walking my dogs long enough because I seem to have to hurry back to do something urgent each day.???

I have had some painting done at my house.  Not because I can afford it, but because I can’t stand looking at how dirty it is/was.

I am only binge watching TV in the AM = 2 cups of coffee.

I did not received any help from government loans…..But that’s in my next post.

I miss my staff.

I miss my customers.

I miss the buzz of the restaurant.  Will we get our buzz back?


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