New Menus

August 1, 2007

It’s a ton of work.  It begins with phone calls to purveyors to find what product is available and from where.  I have to discuss specs and try samples.  I have to get firm commitments from local farmers as to when their produce will be ready to pick   Due to many new and necessary fishing restrictions, I have to find out specific dates of seafood availability.  Then I can start playing with ingredients.  Most new dishes I have run as specials or for our wine tastings, so by the time it hits our menu, it’s ready.
Things to consider:

  • Can the ingredients be used in more that one dish?
  • What station will prepare the new dish?
  • How does the new item affect the station?
  • What is the cost to produce the item?
  • What is the customer perceived value?
  • What is the most appealing portion size?
  • Who will prep what parts of the dish?


  • Costing the new menu
  • Writing the new menu
  • Purchasing the menu items
  • Teaching the new menu
  • Updating the computer system
  • Updating the website menu
  • Writing recipe cards as necessary
  • Updating to go menus
  • Updating menus for our brochures
  • Sending a email out to our customers announcing the new menu

This takes a good two to three weeks to finish and gives me many gray hairs.

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