No Shows.

October 18, 2012

No Shows: def:/ someone who does not show up for a reservation at a restaurant.

I am a huge Robert Altman fan.  (deceased movie director for you young people)  I must have seen “Nashville” 20 times.  In his movie:  Pret-a-Porter, Lyle Lovett plays a baker whose customer does not come to pick up and pay for a cake.  He freaks out.  The customer’s son had been hit by a car.  The customer is furious that the insensitive baker has called and bitched them out.  Of course they meet, come to terms and if my memory serves me right, have a drink together.

I am very careful when contacting people who don’t show up.  I’m nice.  “Are you stuck in our terrible traffic?”, “Did you perhaps make the reservation for the wrong evening?”, “Did you just accidently hit the Open Table Button on your computer for a reservation at Babette’s because you come in so often?”– that was to a very funny and nice regular.

Two weeks ago a couple came in for dinner and told me they got my call from the previous week.  It had been for a reservation at 8:00pm on Saturday night.  They were having a baby.  I believe the husband said they were pushing at the time I called.  This, I think is a very acceptable reason to no show.

But please don’t just blow off a reservation.  We are actually holding a real table and server and food for you.  Call us!

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