Not your mama’s Apple Store…

March 28, 2017

I enjoyed a lovely day off in my garden on Sunday.  Really, I am just moving plants around right now.  Plants I put in last April ended up with the wrong kind of sun later in the year.  I had been listening to a pod cast of All Things Considered with my headphones when my husband came out, started to speak to me and became infuriated that I couldn’t hear him through the headphones.  I used to insist I could, which I can, but have started to pretend I can’t.  I stuck the phone, upside down in my cargo pants.  As I finished up, I kept pulling a weed or two or ten and putting them in my pocket with my phone.   Guess what?  It would no longer charge.

My husband sent me to a place he had found for inexpensive and quick I Phone repairs.  He warned me that the gentleman at the door wore a gun.  OK.

BG –  Broken Gizmos.  I was in and out in 3 minutes, receptacle was cleaned.  No charge. Now when I asked about the no charge, he asked that I just spread the word.  So here I am.

1874 Piedmont Ave NE
Suite 465 D
Atlanta, Ga  30324

They are behind the little strip of shops on the northwest side of Piedmont, across from Sprouts.  Keep going down the hill.  The gentleman is indeed wearing a pistol and he reminds me a little bit of Jesse from Breaking Bad.  But they are all business, and friendly too.

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