The New Normal….

June 27, 2020



Here we are reopening….in the midst of an unprecedented rise in covid-19 cases in Atlanta and Georgia.  The line that was flattening, is now rising steadily.
Why am I reopening, when I sat on my high horse in April and said it’s not safe?  Because I do not think it is going away.  This is the new normal.  Cases will increase (in my opinion) because business owners and their customers, clients, guests, are not following the guidelines that were established.  This puts everyone at risk.  You’ve all read the news.
I have to see if I can come up with a business model that will sustain us through the long haul, while following all the guidelines and even some tougher ones that are in place today.  Yes, I finally did receive a PPP loan towards the end of May.  I consider myself lucky for not having gotten it sooner; when the requirements for its forgiveness were unreasonable.  So this will help me start.  I do want to be one of those places that have such strict rules that guests are comfortable joining us.  Being able to offer dining inside makes the take-out business more cost effective.
So here we go…..On July 8 and forward.  Please bring your masks with you…..and read the earlier post on procedures before dining with us.

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