Repairs, repairs, repairs

August 14, 2007

OK, the espresso machine has been serviced, the bathroom lavatory sink replaced, the stand-up freezer replaced, the heating coil on the ice cream freezer replaced, now it’s time for the ac unit in the kitchen.  The compressor I replaced two years ago is shot and is being replaced tomorrow morning.  Seems the compressor was not guaranteed for more than one year in a commercial environment because it’s a replacement compressor.  Ahh.  At least the dining room ac units are working well.

Fire inspector came and we passed, as we always do….need to fax the inspector the copy of my hood cleaning report and my fire alarm inspection report.  Hoods scheduled to be cleaned on Thursday, August 16, so I’ll wait until that report is generated.

Good news is that business has been good because it’s too hot in Atlanta for people to do anything but go into air-conditioned buildings!

Summer is very very hard on commercial kitchen equipment and repairs this month are always high.

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