“Seating waiters.”

October 1, 2009

Seating waiters. This is an expression used when quests are seated at a table in a waiter’s station.  A server is sometimes “double seated”,(two tables are seated within a few minutes) and then there is the dreaded “triple seated” event.  This is when the waiter’s eyes start to roll back in their head and they give the hostess a “you’re a shitty hostess” look and they may begin to pout if you let them.

It happens.  Guests come late, other guests come early, a table you were expecting to finish in another section is still lingering over coffee.  Guests don’t like the table you have selected for them.  A call party comes in for a waiter who is already busy.

Guests want to be seated on the deck instead.  Guests hate the deck and say they would never have made the reservation if all that was available was the deck, even though the host’s notes say this was discussed and the host was aware that the guest would prefer inside.

Guest who made a reservation for a party of 6 (which can only be seated on a few specific tables) walk in and say “sorry, we’re only 4”.  So the waiter who has been waiting an hour with an empty table gets it reconfigured for 4…which could have been done an hour ago.  And then of course there are the guests WHO DON’T CANCEL THEIR RESERVATIONS, so the table that we have been holding in a section goes empty until we decide the guest must not be coming and adjust our seating.

I have often said that the host’s job is thankless and underpaid and undervalued.  This is why I get to do it on the weekends.

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