Slow night?…..not for me.

February 19, 2009

February 19, 2009

We had a record Valentine’s Day.  The weather was nice and I was able to open up the back deck.  Sunday brunch was packed and Sunday night saw a steady stream at the door.  It was wonderful, but I was so tired I couldn’t speak.  I kept finishing the food with the wrong sauces and garnishes.  I went home and went to bed for two days, complete with a bit of the flu.

Back at work on Wednesday I wasn’t expecting much business to I tried to get some things done.  I arrived at 11:00am.

  • Did the kitchen prep list for my tournant to take care of.
  • Did Payroll – ran reports, corrected screwed up computer time clock issues, filled out papers and faxed to payroll company.  Payroll comes tomorrow.
  • Inventoried Liquor and placed order (manager is on vacation)
  • Ordered two new wines for the wine list
  • Stripped one of the bar coolers, replaced the liner. restocked
  • Cleaned all the glass shelves
  • Discarded extra wine boxes that had accumulated at bar.
  • Met with liquor distributor who brought in a delicious new bottle of liquor.  Added to order.  Added Pear vodka to another order for a new cocktail.
  • Called contractor about awning curtains not being finished.
  • Called another contractor about tile problem in kitchen. …big problem
  • Ordered supplies from Staples
  • Checked in Linen
  • Paid many invoices:  muzak, gas, electric, paper goods supplies, dish machine company, dumpster company, web design guys, china company.
  • Recalculated wine prices for updated wine list on Thursday
  • Set up bar (manager on vacation)
  • Had a tete a tete with dishwasher about which mop to use where and how much water and soap in bucket for recently waxed dining room floors.
  • Put together clean menus
  • Called valet company about valet throwing cigarette butts into the flower bed that he smokes and onto the curb.  They sent someone to clean it up.  I got tired of talking to the valet.
  • Directed waitstaff on clearing out the wait station of all supplies so it could be cleaned and chemically treated to prevent you know what from moving in.
  • Opened for business. Worked bar, which on a slower night means:  host, tend bar, bus tables, run food, expedite,help in kitchen.
  • Entered all customer info and comment cards into computer system.
  • Cleaned bar
  • Cashed out waiters.
  • Closed out paperwork.
  • Iced the fish which my saute cook failed to do
  • Put down bug chemicals, monthly treatment
  • Locked up.

Went home at 11:05 pm.

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