Snow Days.

March 2, 2010

I know I have blogged about this before, but it’s a big deal.  I am currently sitting on the porch of a beach house in Florida, watching the waves.  I am in a sweatshirt.  Back home in Atlanta snow and sleet is falling.  We need to close the restaurant tonight because of weather.  I am always reluctant to do this, but I cannot afford to open for 10 people who might come in from the neighborhood.  But its a little complicated.

My AM Sous Chef is there now receiving deliveries and he needs to stay until all of them are in.  I really don’t want my food to be sitting on a truck all day, to be returned to the purveyor’s coolers and hauled back to me tomorrow.  It’s best if we just take it and store it properly now.

He will be calling the kitchen staff and letting them know not to come in tonight.  I know he’ll be cleaning something while he waits.

My floor manager is coming into town from the burbs to contact people with reservations and to close the books for today on our on-line reservation system.  She will change the answering machine outgoing message.  She will call the floor staff.  She may try and do a liquor order and payroll, but I guess that depends on how long she can stay there before she’s snowed in.

It’s not as easy as it sounds.

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