Staff Vacations

July 4, 2010

Covered for my Sous Chef last week, covering for my manager this week.  Liquor orders, prep lists, recipe tweaking, costing updates.

Waiting patiently for a new version of my recipe costing software to be sent to me.  My old version was so old, the data had to be converted and loaded on the new disk and mailed to me.  I am something about old programs.

Recently had an issue with a Word Perfect 5.0.  Published in 1994.  When I tried to reinstall the program after a computer glitch, the installation disk was corrupted, had to get a new version for that too.  Yes, Word Perfect.  Blows microsoft word out of the water.  The new version is harder to use though, but getting used to it.  Still using the 1994 version on another computer.  You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s not easy and certainly not welcome.

Hell, I swore I would never use a point of sale system, just manual checks.  Someone reminded me of that not too long ago. Ok, I got over that.  Now I pay several thousand dollars a year on maintenance and sonic walls and data scanning services to make sure the credit card info is not compromised.  It’s a huge endeavor.

When I started cooking we didn’t even have Cuisinarts or other food processors, just this big old round thing called a Buffalo Chopper with a rotating bowl and a huge blade which could chop up your arm for sausage in a matter of seconds.

I still don’t have a slicer in the kitchen.

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