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Valentine’s Day 2021 Lesson Plan.

Take-out was so popular and though we were more prepared than on New Year’s Eve, it was still chaotic. What should have happened: We should have cleared all the prep tables at pick up time. Told the cooks to put aside any items they were working on. Assigned people to Salads Cold Appetizers Hot appetizers […]

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“The Little Engine that Could”

        It has been wonderful to reconnect with our guests that have come in for dinner and with those who are ordering Pick-Up.  We are in the black with your continued support.  This might be the new normal and we are going to be the new OK. We are tweaking the menu, […]

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Let’s Start with Vegetables

Having returned to the kitchen after a spell, I have found that vegetables are one item that young cooks often don’t deem worthy of their time and effort.  This is a big mistake.  I worked at a French restaurant in my youth and had to prepare the six different vegetables that accompany a Rack of […]

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Dear James…Southbend

Dear James, I hope you can help me.  I have a Southbend cheesemelter that I purchased in 1997, used.  It is a “double wild”.  It has worked well until this last year or so.  Been having problems with the burner staying lit on the left side.  My regular repair guy comes in and cleans out the lines and it works […]

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Today marks 24 years.

Babette’s Cafe opened 24 years ago tonight.  Seems like yesterday…. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, some of you since the beginning.  No, we’re NOT closing.  Babette’s continues to bring me joy, pride and challenges.  But I am trying to step back a little bit and I’m finding it harder than […]

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Embrace your inner valet.

Some people love valet parking…..Drive up, toss your keys to the guy in the logo shirt and go on in.  They are right. Some people hate valet parking.  They think it is an extra expense, an invasion of the privacy of their space, takes too long, they are better at parking their own car, they […]

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21 Years at Babette’s Cafe (Best French Restaurant in Atlanta)

On October 13, 1992, I opened Babette’s Café.  Makes you feel kind of old doesn’t it?Many of you have been with me since the beginning. Some of you were in grade school. I’ve married, raised a daughter and sent her off to college. I’ve been sued, robbed, burglarized. I’ve worked through broken bones and back […]

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Friday at 4:45pm

Why oh why does the heating and air conditioning system always go out on Friday afternoon at 4:45? Reservation sheet is full, service people on overtime and only if you can get them. Chilliest day of the year. I’m pulling my hair out.

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