The price of China

June 30, 2013

I bought new appetizer plates this week.  Actually, the color was a little off and I wanted to send them back.  Was told I would still have to pay the original shipping charge of $30.00, the return shipping charge of $30.00 more dollars and a restocking fee of $25.00.  Damn, they only cost $120.00 in the first place.  Needless to say, the plates were put into service.

While looking at options, I had several salesmen come in to meet with me.  I asked them what some of the other restaurants in the area were using.  I got several options, and then a recap of how much such and such restaurant spent on their initial order.  Several were close to $200,000.00.  Yes, that’s two-hundred-thousand dollars.

I bought a restaurant (now Babette’s) for $80,000.00 in 1992.  The salesmen got very quiet after hearing that.

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