Thermostat Emergency at a Restaurant in Atlanta

January 27, 2016

The glamorous life of a restaurant chef/owner…

Sunday: A thermostat for our heaters on the back deck was not working very well. The heaters were clicking on and off. We’re a restaurant in Atlanta, in January. We need our heaters if we want to use our lovely deck.

Monday: I called my Heating & Air man. He called back to say he was out of town, I needed to call someone else, but to check the battery first. No Battery. Hardwired.

I called my electrician and scheduled his assistant to come out the next day and check the thermostat.

Tuesday: Luckily I was there when he came because the assistant started to take apart a connection box to rewire instead of the thermostat. I had even suggested he pick up a new thermostaThermostatt to bring with him.  He found a loose wire. It was fixed but I was given a warning that if it happens again, I might need a new thermostat.

Friday night (you know we’re open on Friday nights, right?): I turned on the heaters and the clicking started again causing the heaters to turn on and off. One of my servers told me it had been doing it the night before, but hadn’t told me.

So now it’s Saturday. The temperature is dropping, it will be raining, we need the heaters. We’re booked. I stop by the hardware store (ACE) where someone can help me select one. I read the instructions, took the old one off and replaced it. Held my breath, turned the heaters on and bingo. It worked. Took me longer to attach it to the stucco than to rewire.

While I was out there, I climbed a ladder and cleaned the gutters, in tights, a skirt and real shoes.

The deck is ready for you.

Because that’s what chef/owners do.

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