December 6, 2011

Called my heating and air guy about reconfiguring the thermostats on the new heaters on back porch.  Did this while still in my pajamas at home, watching last week’s TV shows on On Demand. (The greatest invention, besides the I Phone)

Stopped at Farmer’s Marker because Arborio Rice did not make the delivery truck.

Home Depot for Toilet Paper holder that is missing from Ladies Room ???? Really? Also new shelving, floor polish, poinsettias.

Phone call to welder about fixing table attached to dish machine which crashed to the floor last night during a private party.  All I could think of was that at least the Villeroy and Boch china wasn’t on it.  ($25.00 a plate) No answer.  Ordered a new one for delivery Thursday.

Called plumber about faucet in ladies room that was weird.  Needed new stem.

Spoke with customer who is bringing me pheasant breast to experiment with so I can do a Pheasant Dinner for he and his hunting buddies in January.  He is bringing them to me tomorrow, frozen, when he and his wife come to celebrate 43 year anniversary.

Sent two recipes out to customers.

Ordered paper and ribbons for front of house Point of Sale Terminals.

Cut Monkfish for a new menu item tonight.  Wanted to update my yield after trimming and check costs.  Supplier in Boston is $2.00 a lb cheaper.  Ordered more for Thursday, from Boston.

Updated Dinner menu on line.  Got several error messages when trying to do this.  Called Mopdog, my web guys, and in the process of the boss picking up the phone the problem was solved.  He’s good.

Salad girl called in sick with a migraine.  My am sous offered to stay.  You know I love him.

Tasted a new wine from Empire Distributors to replace a favorite that won’t be back in until after the New Year.  It’s good.

Tried a Moscow Mule with real Ginger Beer which we are adding to our Cocktail Menu.  Delicious.

Now I have a little bit of a buzz going.  Server went across the street to Manuals Tavern and brought me their Reuben Sandwich.  (He was going anyway).  One of my favorites for 20 years or so.  Server at Manuals wrote on the take out box, “Have a great evening Marla”.  Made me smile.

It’s 4:30pm.  Dinner service starts in an hour.

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