Cooking for the family

January 21, 2009

On one of my recent vacations I headed out of town with a girlfriend and we discussed cooking.  Can you imagine?  But it wasn’t about Berkshire Pork or Maple Leaf Duck or Summerland Farms produce.  It was about how to keep corn dogs out of my freezer at home.  My husband buys them and my daughter loves them, but they are gross.  I threw the last box away that they brought home.

So here we are with the cobbler’s kid not having new shoes. I am figuring out how to prepare meals in advance for my family to pop in the oven or on the grill when I’m at work.  I kind of resent having to do this since my husband is semi-retired but he hates planning meals too.  My fourteen year old daughter resents having to pull something together.  It is a very big issue in our family.  We don’t have the big meals sitting down together, talking about the day’s events, bonding and crap that everyone tells us to do, but they sure are happy when I have something for them.

So my girlfriend gave me a book about  freezer cooking.  The recipes are terrible, but it’s giving me some ideas.  Mondays are my shopping days and Tuesdays are for cooking.  We’ll see.

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