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Will this work?

Hmm, This is tough.  We had a super turnout the first week we opened.  The second week was not so good.  Here we are mid-week of three and we are somewhere in between.  We have had some long time customers who have come each week or are making an effort to come every other week.  […]

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Mid May – Covid 19 Status

  The restaurant has been cleaned and polished but is not ready to open. I have truly enjoyed the break. I have not finished all my projects that I said I would do if I had some time off.   I didn’t realize that the dishes have to be done ALL THE TIME, that my house […]

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How to Throw a Dinner Party

I have a wonderful neighbor who needed some help.  She purchased everything for a dinner party through our “Pantry”.  When she came to our home to borrow some soup bowls, she was nervous. I sent some instructions home with her.  She said the evening was magical! Bread Service: Sprinkle a litte water on the top […]

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Mid July

Getting ready for the Gift Mart this weekend. Training a new busser/hostess. Setting an interview with a second hostess. Searching out new chairs for the deck. Ordered a new Sonic Wall Router which I will have to figure out how to install.  $1050.00, just because the other one was too old to be “supported”. Balancing […]

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The price of China

I bought new appetizer plates this week.  Actually, the color was a little off and I wanted to send them back.  Was told I would still have to pay the original shipping charge of $30.00, the return shipping charge of $30.00 more dollars and a restocking fee of $25.00.  Damn, they only cost $120.00 in […]

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The truth about Scout Mob

A few months ago, I posted a note about how Groupon wouldn’t work for Babette’s, but now we are signed up for Scout Mob.  What’s the difference?  Well, almost 25%.  Unlike Groupon, with Scout Mob, the customer comes into the restaurant and pays their 50% directly to the restaurant.  If the customer brings in a […]

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A Perfect New Year’s Eve

   We had a terrific December, a record actually, and it was capped by a New Year’s eve with nary a one NO-Show.  Yes, we had some last minute cancellations.  People do get sick after all, but each party called us and we were able to rebook their spots.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  […]

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Another Monday

My daughter, a friend of hers and I drive up to Lake Hartwell.  We have some wonderful friends who let us visit.  The lake water is beautiful, warm and quiet during the week.  Friends come over, I drink vodka and play scrabble. The next day we take their pontoon boat out and go to an […]

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