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Mid May – Covid 19 Status

  The restaurant has been cleaned and polished but is not ready to open. I have truly enjoyed the break. I have not finished all my projects that I said I would do if I had some time off.   I didn’t realize that the dishes have to be done ALL THE TIME, that my house […]

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How to Throw a Dinner Party

I have a wonderful neighbor who needed some help.  She purchased everything for a dinner party through our “Pantry”.  When she came to our home to borrow some soup bowls, she was nervous. I sent some instructions home with her.  She said the evening was magical! Bread Service: Sprinkle a litte water on the top […]

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Mid July

Getting ready for the Gift Mart this weekend. Training a new busser/hostess. Setting an interview with a second hostess. Searching out new chairs for the deck. Ordered a new Sonic Wall Router which I will have to figure out how to install.  $1050.00, just because the other one was too old to be “supported”. Balancing […]

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The price of China

I bought new appetizer plates this week.  Actually, the color was a little off and I wanted to send them back.  Was told I would still have to pay the original shipping charge of $30.00, the return shipping charge of $30.00 more dollars and a restocking fee of $25.00.  Damn, they only cost $120.00 in […]

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The truth about Scout Mob

A few months ago, I posted a note about how Groupon wouldn’t work for Babette’s, but now we are signed up for Scout Mob.  What’s the difference?  Well, almost 25%.  Unlike Groupon, with Scout Mob, the customer comes into the restaurant and pays their 50% directly to the restaurant.  If the customer brings in a […]

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A Perfect New Year’s Eve

   We had a terrific December, a record actually, and it was capped by a New Year’s eve with nary a one NO-Show.  Yes, we had some last minute cancellations.  People do get sick after all, but each party called us and we were able to rebook their spots.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  […]

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Another Monday

My daughter, a friend of hers and I drive up to Lake Hartwell.  We have some wonderful friends who let us visit.  The lake water is beautiful, warm and quiet during the week.  Friends come over, I drink vodka and play scrabble. The next day we take their pontoon boat out and go to an […]

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